Monday, March 19, 2012

Sensory Information Navigation Systems Blog Launched


Beginning in the mid-1990s, I became obsessed [:-)] with a variety of Sensory Information Navigation Systems (SINS)[:-)] >

Of note are:

The Big Picture(sm): Visual Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases

The Magic Touch(sm): Haptic Interaction in Web and non-Web Databases

The Next WAVe(sm): Auditory Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases

Documented ...

"As The World (Wide Web) Turns: Resources at Iowa State.” D-Lib Magazine (July/August 1998). Available at (23 January 2012).

Morning Becomes Electric: Post-Modern Scholarly Information Access, Organization, and Navigation. April 25,1999. Available at (23 January 2012).

“New Age Navigation: Innovative Information Interfaces for Electronic Journal.” The Serials Librarian 45,no.2 (2003): 87-123. Self-archived at: (23 January 2012).

“New Age Navigation: Innovative E-Journal Interfaces.” Presentation delivered at Internet Librarian 2003, Monterey Convention Center, Monterey, CA, November 3, 2003. Self-archived at: (23 January 2012); Director’s Cut self-archived at: (23 January 2012).

Due to other obsessions [:-)], I have only been able to generally follow subsequent SIN-ful [:-)]developments and therefore I am calling on The Wisdom of The Web to re-kindle The (Old) Obsession, by eliciting / soliciting information about any current SINful activities on Any / All platforms for navigating Information Space(s) (documents , media, The Web, etc).

With the significant increases in broadband, software, and interface functionalities there should have been major advances .. but IMHO there have not been the advances one (I) would have expected [:-(]

Please post Leads as a Comment.

Thanks In Advance !



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