Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Regarding The-3-Click-Dilemma


I much appreciate your latest Chronicle posting:

The-3-Click-Dilemma: are library databases nearing the tipping point of obsolescence?


I am pleased that you (and others) are realizing the limitations of Linear Searching (as opposed to what I would characterize as True Navigation [:-)]).

As you may be aware, I've long been interested Sensory Information Navigation(SINs);

See my Morning Becomes Electric:Post-Modern Scholarly Information Access, Organization, and Navigation



As the World (Wide Web) Turns: Resources at Iowa State


I've been particularly interested in Information Visualization, among other SINs.

See my

The Big Picture(sm):Visual Browsing in Web and non-Web Databases


Several years ago I wrote a review article on IV and e-Journals titled:

"New Age Navigation:Innovative Information Interfaces for Electronic Journals"


IMHO > Certainly with increased bandwidth and processing speeds, are we not now on the verge of navigating Databases via Sensory Information Navigation as well ?

Note: I am aware of one effort (EBSCOHost )

Your Thoughts ?


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