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A/V Now Available > Classification and Visualization: Interfaces to Knowledge > International UDC Seminar, 24-25 October 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands

Classification and visualization: Interfaces to knowledge: proceedings of the International UDC Seminar, 24-25 October 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands. Edited by Aida Slavic, Almila Akdag Salah & Sylvie Davies. Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, 2013.

Table of Contents


W. Boyd Rayward

From the index card to the World City: knowledge organization and  visualization in the work and ideas of Paul Otlet

1. Challenges in visualization of knowledge
  • Scott B. Weingart / From trees to webs: uprooting knowledge through visualization 
  • Charles van den Heuvel; Richard Smiraglia / Visualizing knowledge interaction in the multiverse of knowledge 
  • Xia Lin; Jae-wook Ahn / Challenges of knowledge structure visualization 
2. Categorisation for retrieval, exploration and learning
  • Lev Manovich /  Looking at one million images: how visualization of big cultural data 
  • helps us to unlearn our cultural categories
  • Kathryn La Barre / Sempre avanti? Some reflections on faceted interfaces
  • Nathalie Pinède; Véronique Lespinet-Najib / How can users get the gist of a taxonomy using tag clouds? 
3. Classification, interfaces and information architecture
  • Luca Rosati / How to design interfaces for choice: Hick-Hyman law and classification for information architecture
  • Andrea Resmini Ghost in the shell: navigation, meaning and place-making 
  • in information space
4. Visualization and navigation of knowledge structures
  • Bin Yang; Jean-Gabriel Ganascia / Memory Islands: an approach to cartographic visualization
  • Daniel Hienert; Dennis Wegener; Siegfried Schomisch / Exploring semantically-related concepts from  Wikipedia: the case of SeRE  Dario Rodighiero; Giorgio De Michelis
  • The Homer’s list or How classifications can be displayed on tablets 
5. Indexing languages, relationships and visualization
  • Rebecca Green; Diane Vizine-Goetz; Marcia Lei Zeng, Maja Žumer / From modelling to visualization of topic relationships in classification schemes 
  • Wei Fan; Shuqing Bu; Qing Zou / Semantic visualization for subject authority data of  Chinese Classified Thesaurus 
  • Špela Razpotnik; Alenka Šauperl / Enhancing user browsing success through visualization of indexing terms
6. Visualization in collection searching and browsing
  • Claudio Gnoli; Alberto Cheti / Sorting documents by base theme with synthetic classification: the double query method 
  • Fabrice Papy / Classification and visualization: augmenting user independence and enhancing collections use
  • Marcel Worring / Easy categorisation of large image collections by automatic analysis and information visualization
7. Visualizing analytics of classification and collection metadata
  • Matthew Battles; Yanni Loukissas / Data artefacts: tracking knowledge-ordering conflicts through visualization
  • Richard Smiraglia; Andrea Scharnhorst; Almila Akdag Salah, Cheng Gao / UDC in action
Posters - Short papers
  • Veslava Osinska; Joanna Dreszer-Drogorob; Grzegorz Osinski; Michal 
  • Gawarkiewicz / Cognitive approach in classification visualization: end-user study
  • Nuno Freire / Visualization and navigation of knowledge in pan-European 283
  • resources: the case of The European Library





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